Paper Placemats with incredible, delicious Club Sandwich


tovaglietta carta paglia paper placemats
Club Sadwich with our paper placemats

ABOUT US is the trademark of a business that has been supplying Italian bars and restaurants with placemats for over a decade.

We produce paper placemats with a personalized graphic design for all kinds of  places, or fine  personalized placemats on request.

We’ve thought about speeding up your requests on this website by giving you a wide range of placemats to choose from. They will be promptly delivered to you and you can easily order them online just by sitting comfortably in front of your computer. We’ll think about the rest and you’ll get the delivery in just 5 days.

We can also supply you with products on prompt delivery in only 24 hours, as for those who wish to have them personalized, we’ll provide you with assistance and lead you through all phases of production with the help of our internal graphic designers.

Our staff’s expertise, the passion we have for our job and a truly efficient management now makes us the ideal partner for restaurants, pubs,  pizzerias, bars and all those businesses that  need a quick service and at a good price.